Soothe Your Dog's Pain, Improve Their Mobility and Help Them Feel Deep Relaxation

A modern, veterinary approved modality based on ancient traditions that you can perform on your pet from home

What Is Paw Sha?

Paw Sha is a modality you can use at home on your own dog to optimize their health! Paw Sha is based on Gua Sha massage, a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that relieves pain, decreases inflammation, and helps with lymphatic flow.

A Gua Sha tool is used as an extension of your hand to glide over your pet’s skin and fur to promote healing. Gua means “to scrape” and Sha means “disease or sand”, and when used on humans it is a firm scraping motion.

In our animal patients, a softer touch is used to create the effect we want. Paw Sha is used in treating animals with chronic pain, arthritis, mobility issues, post-surgery recovery, improve
relaxation, and many other ailments.

Dr. Tori has used this technique on her own dogs, patients, and taught clients how to perform this technique at home with great success!

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Meet Dr. Tori Countner

Dr. Tori Countner is a small animal veterinarian in practice for over 10 years, specializing in pain management using acupuncture, laser therapy, and Paw Sha massage.

She developed Paw Sha after using body Gua Sha on herself to ease sore muscles and pain. Paw Sha is a technique based on Gua Sha massage, a Traditional Chinese Medicine modality, that helps with pain, inflammation, circulation, lymph flow, and overall health.

She saw a need in the veterinary community for better at home treatment for pain and systemic wellbeing, and not just relying on western medicine or in clinic sessions with a veterinarian.

Dr. Tori developed Paw Sha to help patients in her office and at home, teaching clients to use the Paw Sha method on their dogs between treatments with her. She poured over research, texts, courses and her own knowledge of animals and veterinary medicine to create Paw Sha. Seeing the great results, Dr. Tori developed a course and a tool for everyone to benefit from, not just her private clients.

Dr. Tori is an avid proponent of incorporating both natural healing and Western Medicine into her practice, believing both are integral to encouraging each pet’s best possible well-being. She believes that by educating pet owners on how to improve quality of life this can help strengthen the human-animal bond, which in turn benefits both us and our pets!

She lives in San Diego with her husband, son, and her dogs Huey, Ollie, & Lenny in heaven.

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