Paw Sha: Improve Your Dog’s Pain & Mobility at Home using Gua Sha Massage

Learn how to help your dog at home with this simple and effective technique. Decrease pain, improve mobility, enhance circulation & lymph flow, and bond with your dog!

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Dr. Tori is excited to bring this technique to everyone so you can help your dogs at home in a safe and effective way. You can use Paw Sha just a few minutes a day and see great benefits.

Paw Sha can decrease pain and improve your dog’s mobility, and it will save you TIME and MONEY at the vet!


By learning this technique, you can extend your dogs HEALTHSPAN within their lifespan. More healthy years with your companion!

This Course Is For You and Your Dog If:

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Pricing for Paw Sha
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$ 67
  • The Paw Sha course will be available as soon as you enroll. Go at your own pace to learn about the Paw Sha technique, and jump on the Zoom Q&A calls each month for more specific questions!
    5/24 - 5/27

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